1.Company Overview

Zaozhuang Tianyi Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 2002, is located in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, China. Covering an area of 30,000 square meters with a building area of 23,000 square meters, our company currently employs over 200 staff members. As a high-tech enterprise, we specialize in the research, development, production, sales, and service of hydraulic fluid pipes, related fittings, base oils, and lubricant products.At present, our company has developed four product series:

Tianyi has successively been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, Shandong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong Provincial "Specialized, Refined, Unique and New" Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, Shandong Provincial Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Enterprise, one of the first batch of technological innovation project enterprises in Shandong Province, Zaozhuang City Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise, Zaozhuang City Hydraulic Pipeline Technology Innovation Key Laboratory, and a trustworthy enterprise for national mining safety logo quality products, among others.

2.Main Products

Series 1: Hydraulic fluid pipe series. We offer over 60 varieties and more than 900 specifications of products, including various high and medium-pressure hydraulic rubber hoses, hydraulic pipe fittings, hydraulic components, specialized winding pipes for engineering machinery, steel wire braided rubber hoses, petroleum conveying rubber hoses, highly wear-resistant grouting rubber hoses, fiber-woven oil-resistant rubber hoses, automotive air conditioning and brake rubber hoses, steam rubber hoses, and more. Our products have excellent performance, durability, and possess outstanding characteristics such as high heat resistance (+220°C), cold resistance (-55°C), high-pressure resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, as well as corrosion resistance. Additionally, our products are flexible, possess good pulse performance, and have minimal deformation under pressure.

Series 2: Fittings series. We offer over 10,000 varieties of products, including high-pressure, high-performance pneumatic and hydraulic quick couplings, medium-pressure, high-performance pneumatic and hydraulic quick couplings, low-pressure hydraulic quick couplings, flat hydraulic quick couplings, open and closed-type pneumatic and hydraulic quick couplings, and instrument quick couplings. Our products provide higher performance compared to similar products in the market.

Series 3: Base oil and lubricant series. In collaboration with renowned state-owned enterprises in China, we research and produce CTL, PAO, and mPAO base oils, industrial lubricants, and high-end automotive lubricants. This includes low-temperature hydraulic oils, ultra-low-temperature hydraulic oils, new energy vehicle engine oils, fully synthetic screw air compressor oils, wind power fully synthetic gear oils, and drone gear oils, among others. Our products surpass market counterparts in terms of oxidative resistance, anti-micro pitting performance, and wear resistance.

Series 4: Engineering Machinery Series. products include a range of 0.8-3.6 ton Micro Excavators (CRAWLER EXCAVATOR), 1.6-3 ton Mini Loaders (Wheel Loader), 6-15 ton Wheel Excavators (Wheel Excavator), and Backhoe Loaders (BACKHOE LOADER). These products are characterized by their energy efficiency, advanced configurations, rational structures, safety and reliability, easy maintenance, and versatility. They are widely used in construction projects, agricultural and livestock farms, timber yards, and municipal constructions, among others.

3.ESG (Environmental-Social-Governance) Construction

? Zero wastewater discharge: The company implements the recycling of sulfide wastewater.
? Clean gas emissions: Adequate facilities for gas treatment are in place.
? Zero waste residue discharge: We implement an integrated production-cycle system in the industrial chain.

? Comprehensive product safety management risk assessment system.
? Well-established customer satisfaction survey plan.
? Production training plan to achieve replicated sales models.
? Talent joint training plan, in collaboration with Zaozhuang Vocational College, to establish a talent joint training mechanism.
? Sound employee health and safety management plan.

? Sound supply chain management system: We have established a comprehensive evaluation, early warning, and emergency management system covering the entire process from raw materials to production management, inventory management, transportation, and after-sales service.
? Well-implemented certification system, including ISO9001 Quality Management Certification, MSHA certification from the United States, NQA ISO/TS16949 certification from the British National Quality Assurance Limited, China's Mining Safety Standard Certification, and Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management System Certification.
? Female employee employment ratio >50%, with women executives accounting for 60%.
? Proportion of scientific and technological personnel >10%, including in-house technical professionals and externally hired university research personnel.
? Comprehensive customer privacy protection plan with a focus on customer information data security.



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